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Flight Training

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Training Course and Syllabus

The Pongo Air Flight-training course utilizes a building block approach, utilizing skills acquired in each of the previous lessons to progress forward. Initially, the student is indoctrinated into the training program through a ground school where a wide range of topics is discussed with a significant amount of time spent on hands-on exploration and training. Emphasis is placed on defining the preventive and corrective maintenance actives, which need to be performed between each training flight.

It has been my experience that the 2-3 hours of training invested in the ground school eliminates the majority of the “gotch-ya’s” and allows the flight instructor to dedicate their time on the flight line to flight instruction. Flight line instruction for each lesson typically takes 1 - 1 1/2 hours. A lesson being 2-4 flights of 15-minute durations.

I contend that a formal flight-training program will produce new pilots who will operate their aircraft in a consistent and safe manner. They will have a solid foundation from which they may safely explore the various areas of the hobby. If you are new to the hobby with the intention of learning how to fly, invest your time wisely by visiting more than just one club in your area. Find out how the flight training at each of the clubs is administered. Get detailed information on the following:

  • Availability of instructors
  • Student to instructor ratio
  • Specific or limited training times / days
  • Equipment provided by the club / facility

Training Materials


  • Ground School Training Plan.PDF
  • Flight Training Plan.PDF
  • ONE WEEK TO SOLO video. First U.S. Flight School's (Dave Scott) video. Dave has done an outstanding job with this video. I know of many instructors have opted to use his "bump" technique as a way to prevent over control of the airplane.

    I suggest the following articles for the new pilot;

    How To Get The CG Right- Roy Day - Model Airplane News - Sept 98

    How To Prevent Control Surface Flutter- Andy Lennon - Model Airplane News - October 98

    From Final to Touchdown- Roger Post Jr. - Model Airplane News - May 96

    Setting the Idle - Dave Gierke - Model Airplane News - Sept 95

    Use the Rudder - Roger Post Jr - Model Airplane News - Nov 95

    Critical Engine Break-In - Dave Gierke - Model Airplane News - Sept 94

    21 Ways To Mount Servo's - Bill Griggs - Model Airplane News - Sept 94

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